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Evil Empire:

"Where the worlds cheap evil geniuses come for cheap evil henchmen."

When evil genius' need a place to get their henchmen
where would they go? Before you used to ask around
or put ads in the local news papers and hope that someone
would respond the them. But no more! The dawn has come
for a new age in henchman recruiting. No more begging
because the hero is just outside the door. No more wondering
if the guy you just hired is really in league with your
arch-nemisis and will betray you at the most inconvinient

We here at Evil Empire 100% guarntee that evey henchman
will follow you no matter what, where ever, and whenever
or your money back*. So buy today and save! Because you
never know when you'll need solid reliable 'helpers' to
rid yourself of those pesky do-gooders.

Click on the Products below to see what types
of henchmen every evil genius needs
to have to see your plans come to fruition.

*All returns will no longer be refunded after the first 90 days, or if there has been damage or death delt to said henchman(henchmen) in question. Please refer all questions to our Customer Service, open 23 hrs a day, 1 day a week.